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Written and produced by Ayrsto & Lady T.K., Flip is an upbeat embodiment of love and tropical vibes. Telling the story of a constant cat and mouse game of two lovers, this heart-throb track makes your head bop and booty move. 

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New Age Mainstream Recording Artist

Ayrsto's unique sound, dominates melodious tones, with a distinct demeanour that proves captivating through his personality and presence, noticeable in each song created.

Embodied in each versatile verse is the willingness to motivate enlightenment, strength and power, accelerating the progression of the consciousness connection through music.

Ayrsto The Mega = A-Restore-The-Mega

Mega = Supreme (spirit/higher self)

Ayrsto: Bio

The Bio​

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Ayrsto was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, raised in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) by hard working, strong willed Caribbean parents.


Throughout their unique struggles, hardships and triumphs, all genres of music were a constant in their home. The experiences that were gained, allowed him to attain a unique outlook to life and use his music as a way to connect, uplift, give back to the world and assist humanity.


Styled with a unique fusion of modern commercial music, with a Caribbean edge. 

He developed an exclusive sound with intricate rhyming styles and intertwining melodies. Skillfully presenting knowledge within the read-between-the-lines lyrics and bass-heavy production, Ayrsto distinctively sets himself apart from other talent. Because of this rarity, he has garnered acceptance spreading positivity and truth with a demeanour of strength and a little bit of chaos. 


As a Director of Artist Relations for an independent Canadian Record Label, Ayrsto is on the forefront of entertainment as he continues to work with numerous international artists and producers to connect, supply and promote Canadian talent. This delivers music and entertainment-related Canadian content to the rest of the world. 


Being CEO of two charitable foundations, The Ayrsto Foundation and The Mega Foundation, allows him to advance the level of his commitment and his continuous efforts to bring awareness and support to marginalized communities and people, not only locally but across the world for a better tomorrow. His foundations’ initiatives aim to provide the tools, necessary skills and fundamentals needed to aid and expedite progression towards universal well-being.


Broadcasted worldwide along side international artists, Ayrsto showcases his artistry regularly, with new releases that are planned continuously throughout the upcoming months available on all streaming platforms, alongside his current catalog.

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